5 Reasons an Apartment is Right for You


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Why Rental Living Dominates Home Owning

Living in an apartment offers many advantages that a house doesn’t. Temporary living coupled with less commitment and more convenience offers a more laidback approach. Depending on your current situation and lifestyle, choosing to live in a rental won’t be too hard of a choice. With these helpful ideas, hopefully your decision will be more concrete.


#1 – It’s Cheaper

When looking for somewhere to live, you may not have a large amount of money on-hand for a large down payment. Luckily, buying an apartment has an extremely low down payment cost compared to its house counterpart. In addition, you aren’t fully investing everything you have in your rental like you would to a house. The price you have to pay for rent doesn’t come close to the price you have to pay on a house’s mortgage or any other house bills.


#2 – It’s Convenient

Have you ever been bored on a hot, summer day and wished you owned a pool? How about wanting to go workout but the gym was too far of a drive? With apartment living, all of the amenities are right under your nose. A good example of having an abundant amount of resources would be here at Lerner Surrey Square. Ranging from an Olympic sized swimming pool to picnic areas, the possibilities are endless. Also, if you’re willing to take a short walk or drive into town, you’re right next to several restaurants and a shopping mall.

#3 – It’s Easier to Connect to Society

While living in an apartment, you’re closer to your neighbors than you would be living in a house. Additionally, everything you need is generally close and in the area. Because of this, joining certain clubs or groups and volunteering in the community becomes much more accessible. Making friends and acquaintances are easier as well since being in a rental is a little closer quarters. Sharing things such as a pool or picnic areas can benefit you by getting to know more people. But, if quiet living is more your style, not a problem because that lifestyle is also easily achieved through apartment living.

#4 – It’s Less Responsibility

Living inside of a rental means a lot less responsibility than owning a house. For one, having to worry about security won’t be an issue. Generally, apartments are much more secure than living in a house. So if you ever watch a scary movie about a home invasion or some kind of spiritual, malicious entity, don’t be scared because you wouldn’t be living in a house. Also, if you’re ever gone for an extended period of time, going through the trouble of having someone to stop your mail or “checking up on the house,” will not be an issue.

#5 – It’s Short-Term

If you are itching to move out, and you have the funds to do so, but you aren’t fully committed to buying a long-term home, renting an apartment would be ideal. Apartments have different leasing options that will suit your needs. Whether you’re looking to rent for a few months, a year, or even a few years, it won’t be a problem.


Find an Apartment Near Washington, D.C.

With all of these helpful reasons why apartment living is right for you, the discussion of whether you should buy a house or rent an apartment shouldn’t even surface. If you’re interested in large floorplans, close amenities, and safe living, Lerner Surrey Square Apartment Homes will be the right choice for you. Call (301) 242-0845 today for more information on our stunning apartments!

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