Apartment Furniture You Should Invest in Right Now

Purchasing furniture for your apartment home can be overwhelming, not to mention the heavy price tags. For all sorts of personal reasons, most residents find themselves debating between new furniture or used. People often wonder whether or not new furniture is worth their hard earned money. Some would rather settle for second hand movables. However, although we’re totally down for hand-me-down furniture, sometimes the brand spanking new options are definitely worth the investment. To help you spend smart, we have determined the main investment worthy home goods that you should buy right now if you were undecided.

A Sturdy Mattress

A decent bed is your most important furniture choice. As a working adult, you probably value your sleep and can agree how crucial it is for good health. When you’re well rested, your day is bound to be more productive. Sleep just makes you feel good. Knowing how precious sleep is, you’re basically self destructing each time you give in to a mattress that offers no support to your spine.

The good news about making the decision to invest in a quality mattress is the immediate results. Your body will instantaneously thank you. A mattress should be the first, non-negotiable piece of furniture that you spend good money on because your muscles will feel great, and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed. An improved quality of life is always worth the price.

On another note, health experts recommend investing in a new mattress every five to ten years. Used or old mattresses hold allergens, dead skin, and micro bugs. Get the mattress. A sturdy box spring is usually included in most purchases.

A Nice Couch

The couch is always the anchoring point and workhorse of any living room. Families spend endless amounts of time in their living rooms partaking in routine activities such as watching popular TV shows or entertaining guests. Since daily hang outs often happen at, on, or around the couch, basic wear and tear happens a lot faster than it would with other furnishings. But, that’s exactly why you need something sturdier.

The amounts of social interaction centered on the living room sofa should be all the more reason to invest in something nice. Generally, a cheaper couch or consignment find will never reach five years old. A better built, and usually more expensive, sofa is definitely worth the money because certain grades can last decades. Furthermore, most first time homebuyers or younger people decide to take the plunge on a high quality couch because it undoubtedly sets the style for the rest of the home.

The style, color, and shape of your sofa can help you focus on the decorating decisions needed to bring your place to life. Because it adds so much character, the couch is certainly the most effective step towards kicking off a design foundation. Winning the debate hands down, your couch is unquestionably one piece of furniture that is absolutely worth the investment. Just spend the money and get yourself something well made and pretty. You might even want to consider a high end sofa bed if you’re really looking to invest in something worthwhile.

A Traditional Table

The kitchen table is arguably the most needed piece of furniture because it carries tremendous potential to strengthen household bonds. An overwhelming amount of families would love eating together more often. Also, although families do not dine the same as they used to, most still see the traditional sit down table as the preservation of family values. If you care about strengthening your relationships, you should definitely invest in a kitchen table for your apartment.

A new home should be exciting, and furniture shopping should be just as enjoyable. At Lerner Surrey Square, we help current and potential residents make educated choices about their living situations. Don’t stress, give yourself permission to spend good money on your more important furnishings. Make Lerner Surrey Square your next apartment home. Lerner Surrey Square has sprawling floor plans that will perfectly accommodate your new furniture. Call us today at 301-242- 0845 to get started!

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